Quotes About America Have Never Been So Surprising

As humans, we tend to hang on to quotes, don't we? We recite them from books. We jot them down in a journal. We hang decorations on our walls that chock-full of inspiration. In a moment's notice, we even have the power now to create a clever meme that'll have millions across the nation laughing.

Well, over the years, a lot has been said about America — a lot that continues to be quoted, across the Internet, within history books, and even sometimes throughout our day-to-day routines. Below, you'll find thirteen such quotes, each of which are set to test your knowledge of America and the figures that helped shape the nation into what it is today.

So go ahead, take a stroll down memory lane. Answer as many as you can, and be sure to share your results with all the quote masters in your life!

Good luck, and enjoy!

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