Catchy Song “Quarantine” Reminds Us To Do Our Part While Making Us Laugh

We are living in unprecedented times. Our lives have been changed dramatically over the last few weeks with the ongoing pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. But we are a resilient people with a long history of finding the courage to face and to overcome the difficult moments and events that come our way, and this is presently being shown every day.

Most of us around the country are in some level of quarantine. We are doing what is necessary on our part to stay inside, keep social distancing, sneezing and coughing into our elbows, and washing our hands for 20 seconds regularly throughout the day.

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Human beings are naturally social. Not being able to get out, to gather together in all kinds of places and venues has been a challenge for us all, but the indications are, in some areas, like Washington State, that it may be starting to have a positive effect in reducing the daily numbers of cases being reported. So, keep it up, America! We The People, at this point, have a very important role to play in slowing down the progression of this pandemic, by staying inside!

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Right now we are all feeling a little “cooped up.” We are experiencing varying levels of “cabin fever,” but we are also seeing how creative we are in finding ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained. This video is just another in many really fun and purposeful creative drives that people are doing and sharing on social media to both entertain and to provide a public service.

Photo: YouTube/MBest11x

Singer Tom Montana and the CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, Mat Best, a former Army Ranger, have teamed up and created a COVID-19 song that was put together over the internet. It includes military veterans like Medal of Honor recipient Marcus Lattrell, many nurses and doctors, as well as some famous celebrities to create the “Quarantine Song.”

This is a Fox News interview with Montana and Best that talks about the video and how it was made.

Montana and Best have created this social media video to promote the idea of keeping dedicated to the quarantine and to honor the medical professionals who are the true warriors on the front lines of this battle. They are presently, like any solider, sailor, airman, Coast Guardsman or a Marine in battle, standing on the front lines, between us and the continuing onslaught of this virus. They are facing it head on, doing the hand-to-hand combat with it on our behalf. They are doing this for us every day with uncommon valor. They are scared, just like a warrior is in battle, but they are not backing down. They are warriors one and all.

Photo: YouTube/MBest11x

You will also see that Best’s company, Black Rifle Coffee Co., is raising funds for medical personnel and first responders through a “buy a bag, give a bag” program. When you buy a bag of Black Rifle Coffee, the company donates a bag to the recipients through the USO, the Red Cross and other participants.

Photo: YouTube/MBest11x

Enjoy this interview and the song. The Veterans Site thanks all who participated in the making of this video. But more importantly, we thank, honor and give our ultimate respect to the nurses, doctors, aids and other medical personnel along with the first responder for their incredible courage and dedication to serve us all in this difficult and dangerous time. Please keep them in you thoughts and prayers.

And please stay home! And stay well. Pray also for all those who are most intimately affected by this pandemic.

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