I’m In Tears After Watching This—It’s the Perfect Song for Our Veterans

For centuries, artists have expressed their feelings through their art. Paintings reveal the inner thoughts and visions of an artist, actors convey a series of lines to show you their emotional range and their portrayal of a person who is not real as an artist and of course, musicians express their vision through the music of the songs and the lyrics they have written down.

Up and coming country singer Joe Bachman wants to send a message to you. He wants you to know what our veterans have gone through and what they, upon returning home, continue to go through.

In “A Soldier’s Memoir,” the music video you will see below, Bachman does just that.

Beyond the heartfelt lyrics and vivid imagery, the video includes telling interviews with veterans who have returned from combat.

That alone had us in tears.

View this powerful video below!

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