Veteran’s Son Creating An App to Battle This PTSD Symptom

For many veterans suffering with PTSD, sleep sometimes is a frightening prospect. Night terrors —dreams that seem as real as the events that caused them— can be a major problem for the sufferer’s physical and mental health and well being.

Help for PTSD can come from many places, but when it comes from your son, there is reason to be proud. A recent NBC news video shows Tyler Skluzacek, the son of Iraq war veteran Sgt. First Class Patrick Skluzacek, trying to help his dad and all other veterans who suffer from this symptom of PTSD.

Tyler and some of his friends have developed an app for smart-watches that they are calling NightWare. In its earlier stages, the app was being called “myBivy,” short for my bivouac (a military term for a safe place to sleep). The app can recognize night terror dreams and “disrupt” the deep sleep patterns that bring them on without waking the veteran completely. This allows them to avoid the sleep terrors and to continue the benefits of sleep.

This idea was born out of a son’s love for his father. We are excited for Tyler Skluzacek and his team. Their app concept has already garnered some recognition and won a $1,500 prize. We hope that this app can become a valuable tool for all veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Check out this amazing video of Tyler and his dad!

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