You’ll never guess who’s been training these PTSD service dogs!

Puppies Behind Bar/Via Facebook

You’ve heard it time and time again: dogs are man’s best friend. It’s hard to argue against that statement. Dogs are loyal. They’re excitable. They’re inspirational. They’re loving, and gentle, and kind. And, if you’ve experienced the joys of raising a dog, you know all too well that there are an infinite number of positive things to say about what a dog can provide.

But hear this: dogs are saving lives, two at a time.

Several states within America (Connecticut, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania, to name a few) have put programs in place to train service dogs for disabled veterans. The training, to put it simply, can be extensive. Over time (sometimes up to 24 months, in fact), the dogs are taught to be not only the eyes and ears for disabled veterans, but to be dependable companions — they’re taught to tug, to pull, to rest, and to retrieve, among other things.

The question then becomes: who’s doing the training? Answer: prison inmates.
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