This Mom’s 911 Message On a Pizza Hut Receipt Saved Her Kids!

The advancement of technology has come a long way. In the last five years, phone users have seen the change from flip phones to touchscreen phones and the increase of apps for almost every thing and every company.

When Pizza Hut created their app for customers to order food online, the cooks never thought they would see a request like this.

When Cheryl Treadway’s boyfriend would not let her or her three kids leave the house, she desperately needed a way to call for help. According to a release from the local police department, Treadway’s boyfriend had taken her cell phone and threatened her with a knife.

Miraculously, she was able to convince him to let her place an online pizza order at their local Pizza Hut. Treadway included the message “Please help. Get 911 to me,” in the delivery instructions, as well the message “911hostage help!”

Thankfully, there was a happy ending for Treadway and her kids.

Police arrived at the home and at the restaurant. They were eventually able to get Treadway’s boyfriend to surrender, and neither she nor her children were harmed.

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