Photos Show Hope & Heartbreak As Troops Leave For War

Whenever service member deploy to go overseas, especially to fight in a war, they leave family members and loved ones back home to remember them, pray for them, worry about them, and anxiously await their safe return home. But saying goodbye is never easy, and the dangers and uncertainty of war make it all the worse.

These amazing photographs, which range from World War I through today, show all the emotion in that final goodbye as troops ship out to deploy overseas.

Can you imagine what these men and women must be thinking and feeling during these moments?

Library of Congress/Esther Bubley — A soldier and a girl saying goodbye at the Greyhound bus station in 1943.
U.S. Air Force/Senior Airman Anthony Sanchelli — Capt. Allen Ferkovich shares one last hug with his wife before leaving for Southwest Asia.
Library of Congress/Esther Bubley — Private D.N. Daniels kissing his wife goodbye at the Greyhound bus terminal.
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