See If It Is Easy Landing on a Pitching Deck of a Carrier

Think about landing a plane at any airport in the United States? Seems nerve racking to say the least.

Now imagine that your landing area is not solid ground, but a moving object going up and down. That’s what you’re about to see here.

These two video excerpt are from the PBS series Carrier, a documentary television series about the six-month deployment of the United States Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz in 2005 from the United States to the Middle East and back.

What you’ll be seeing is pulse-quickening footage of Super Hornet fighter jets making pitch-perfect landings as the carrier pitches back and forth in rough seas. To say this is a very difficult task that takes more than one try is an understatement.

The two parts show a proud showcase of masterful skill on the part of the pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight deck crews.



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