Red, White And Boo! These 10 Patriotic Pumpkins Are Perfect For Halloween

The tradition of carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns for Halloween dates back centuries and has its origins in Irish folklore. Originally using turnips, potatoes, and beets, immigrants from Ireland, Scotland, and England soon found that the pumpkin here in America made a much better vessel for carving the spooky faces each year. Now, the jack-o-lantern is a staple of Halloween decorations and traditions, found all across the country this week.

While jack-o-lanterns traditionally feature spooky and creepy faces, pumpkin carving has become somewhat of an art form as people continue to make more innovative and elaborate carvings each year. It seems some patriotic citizens have even found pumpkin carvings to be a great way to show some American pride and military support!

Take a look at this list of amazing jack-o-lanterns that show support for the military and our troops. And don’t miss the custom pumpkin stencils for all five military branches at the end of the list that you can download in order to make your own patriotic pumpkin this Halloween!

Here are 10 perfectly patriotic pumpkins found online!

10. United States Navy

9. Loving the Air Force

8. Semper Fi, Marines

7. Thank You, Veterans

6. Soldier in Camouflage

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Jacob H. is an award-winning journalist and photojournalist who currently resides is West Michigan with his wife. In his spare time, Jacob enjoys writing, photography, mountain climbing, and camping.
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