Golden Retriever Welcomes Home His Marine Mom With A Sweet Hug

Going into the military as a career is a noble pursuit. However, it does come with certain sacrifices. One of those is being away from home for extended periods of time.

While it’s a part of the military life to be away from loved ones, it’s still hard. And one dog, Oshie, was particularly excited when his mom was coming home from deployment.

His owner, Nancy, is a part of the Marines. While she loves her job, it was a little hard being away from her beloved Oshie.

Photo: YouTube/Oshies World

While she was deployed to Norway, she missed her family and Oshie very much. Every day, she couldn’t wait to get back to her loved ones, and during their separation, Oshie couldn’t wait to have his mama come back to him.

Finally, the day came for their reunion. It was quite precious.

Photo: YouTube/Oshies World

In a video posted to Oshie’s YouTube channel, Oshie’s World, the moment that Nancy and Oshie saw each other was filmed. The video starts with Oshie’s dad walking him to the meeting point, saying, “He knows why we’re here.”

He then tells the excited pooch, “We’re gonna see mom, Oshie!” It was clear that the dog couldn’t contain his excitement. He was ready to see mom.

Photo: YouTube/Oshies World

Finally, Nancy showed up and the moment they’d both been waiting for had arrived. The two could not have been more excited, as Oshie danced around his mama, so happy to have her home! It was the perfect welcome after time spent apart!

See Oshie welcome his mom home in the sweet video below:

We’re not crying…you’re crying!

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