Oh, Wow. This Deaf White Pit Bull Will Absolutely Melt Your Heart!

Cotton is a deaf white service dog who is full of love for his family.  While his beloved human drilled with the Oregon National Guard, Cotton waited patiently at the door for days to welcome him home. As most of you know and if you don’t dogs are extremely loyal and service dog’s take that loyalty to another level. They know they have a job to do and that is what they are trained for.

This beautiful, loyal pit bull illustrates everything that is treasured about the relationship between man and dog. The next time you come home to your dog and get annoyed with how hyper they are, just remember that you are everything to them. They would wait for hours, days, even weeks for our returns. Watch to experience the joy that happens when these best friends meet again.

Skip to the 2:45 minute mark to see the heartwarming reunion!

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