I Can’t Believe They Found This After 132 Years! My Mind Is Blown!

Since the days of Andrew Jackson, National Parks have been an important part of the US. The land is set aside to capture the raw nature of our beautiful country’s landscape.  Nevada’s Great Basin National Park is no exception. But this week this park has gained special attention not for it’s beauty but for a mystery that was just uncovered.

Employees of the park discovered a Winchester 1873 leaning up against a tree in a remote part of the park. The rifle had been rusted and weathered into the same colors of the juniper tree that it was leaning against creating a natural camouflage. I’m impressed that they found it but what’s more impressive is the condition that the gun is in!

Archaeologists say that the rifle dates back to 1882. 132 years old! The factory records obscure the rifle’s original owner leaving the gun’s story still shrouded in mystery. Do you have an old gun story of your own?

Check out the gun and its hiding place in the video!

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