Police Officer, and Marine, Henwood Helps Out Kid Moments Before His Death

Police officer and USMC veteran Jeremy Henwood was killed in a senseless act of violence by a suicidal man in 2011.

Officer Henwood was critically shot while sitting in his patrol car by a suspect who pulled up alongside the officer’s vehicle and opened fire in an unprovoked attack. The suspect was later killed in a shootout with police hours later.

Thankfully, the memory of Officer Henwood lives on because of his actions before his death.

The San Diego police officer bought a child food while buying his own dinner earlier that day. Officer Henwood stopped at the McDonald’s for dinner, then started speaking with a boy who was hungry for something to eat.

The boy, Daveon Scott, did not have enough money to buy anything at the McDonald’s. So Officer Henwood offered to buy him some cookies Scott wanted in a beautiful moment caught on surveillance tape. The two talked for a bit before the officer had to go, Scott said at a memorial for Officer Henwood a few years later.

Henwood had already been helpful, especially during his service as a Marine. Henwood did three tours; two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Henwood was in the Marines for about 15 years, first in active duty and then in the reserves.

On his last deployment, he was a captain with Combat Logistics Batallion 2, based at Camp Lejeune, N.C. The battalion moved supplies and personnel around Helmand province in Afghanistan.

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