Send A Birthday Card To This WWII Veteran Who Just Turned 100 Years Old

Owensboro veteran JT O’Bryan has seen a lot during nearly a century of life on earth. It’s evident he’s enjoyed most of it, too.

According to Tristate Homepage, the WWII veteran maintains a bright outlook on life, despite fighting in one of the bloodiest battles the world has ever seen.

“I don’t know what it was I just live day to day,” he told the news site.

Source: Facebook/Amelia Young
JT O’Bryan is turning 100 years old.

With eight children, 18 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren, O’Bryan is surrounded by love and happiness, but he’s got a simple request for his 100th birthday.

Send cards.

“Last year on his birthday he asked everyday if we go the mail because he was looking for a card and he’d say ‘Did I get anything in the mail, did you get the mail today’ because it was just so exciting for him to open the cards,” his daughter JT Snyder said.

Source: Facebook/Amelia Young
JT O’Bryan and his family.

O’Bryan is hoping to receive at least one card for every year he’s been alive. That would make 100 cards, but it’s likely he may find his mailbox stuffed with many more birthday greetings. O’Bryan doesn’t know that his family has put out the request.

Or, at least, he’s pretending he doesn’t.

“He’s still sharp as a tack and if he wants to let you know something he’ll let you know,” Snyder said.

Source: Facebook/Amelia Young
O’Bryan’s daughter and great-granddaughter.

The veteran loves receiving mail, though chat with him in person and you’ll get a much better understanding of what makes this centenarian tick.

“He’s always the goofiest person and if you have something to say he always has some type of remark to make back,” said JT’s great-granddaughter Sidney Ostby.

O’Bryan’s birthday was Tuesday, Sept. 26. If you would like to send him well wishes, address your cards to:

JT O’Bryan
7220 KY 279 South
Owensboro, KY 42301

Here’s hoping this is the best birthday a 100-year-old WWII veteran could ever ask for!

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