Marines In Vietnam Endured Days Of Shelling From The NVA, And Worse

Fifty years ago at this time, 6,000 Marines, a battalion of South Vietnamese ARVN soldiers and a handful of Navy Seabees and Air Force controllers were under siege by up to 40,000 fully equipped and well trained and well supplied North Vietnamese Army (NVA) troops.  

This video is the second part of a multi-part documentary on the battle at Khe Sanh. I was there with my brothers from Bravo Co. 3rd Recon Bn. 3rd Marine Division. 

This section of the documentary is about what we were undergoing during the month of February of 1968, a long fifty years ago now. The siege began on January 21, 1968 at around 5:30 in the morning with a massive barrage of NVA artillery, mortar and rocket fire. By this time in February, we were living underground in quickly constructed bunkers connected by 8′ deep trenches. 

Source: YouTube/WarStories
Military strategy and planning was key in Vietnam.

We were being bombarded by the NVA big guns on a daily basis, often around the clock. Our supplies had to be parachuted into us because the NVA were knocking out too many cargo planes as they landed on the base airstrip. 

We were eating only C-rations and drinking Kool-Aid flavored water. But we were holding our own and waiting for what we all expected to be a full-on assault on the base.  

Source: YouTube/WarStories
Marines in Vietnam shell the NVA with mortar fire.

You will get a picture of what the base looked like at this time and see what efforts were being undertaken to defend that base and to insure that it would no be another Dien Bien Phu.

As a member of the Khe Sanh Veterans Association, I dedicate this video to our brothers who fell in defense of Khe Sanh.  

The Veterans Site honors all who fought so hard and with such gallantry at Khe Sanh 50 years ago at this time.   We also say “Welcome Home” to all those who came home and remain brothers today.  Hope to see you all at the Khe Sanh Veterans 50th Anniversary reunion in Washington, D.C. in August.  

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