How Fast Can An Aircraft Carrier Turn? Here’s Your Chance To Find Out!

You can talk about lessons in physics, but to test the theories out on this scale is a real trip.

Watch this video of a Nimitz-Class carrier doing high speed rudder testing and you’ll get at least the visual sense of the massive dynamics involved. This is mechanics and hydraulics on steroids.


To those of us who have never been on, or even near one of these ships, the sheer size of them is mind-boggling. You will get a sense of that size when you see the sailors experiencing the lean of the ship as it is in the middle of this maneuver. Watch the 2nd class Petty Officer at the helm as he executes the maneuver—one man putting that behemoth through its paces. Get the excitement of the crew members up on the flight deck. Then, think again about the size of this ship and what it is doing.

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