Fallen Soldiers Get A Special Farewell In New Zealand

Throughout New Zealand, haka, sometimes termed a posture dance, is used to express inner thoughts and emotions. This can range anywhere from defiance to pride, or from hello to goodbye. In essence, it is a collective way to communicate. Haka is a special part of the culture and heritage of New Zealand.

The video below shows the 2/1 RNZIR Battalion performing their own haka, one that says farewell to their fallen comrades.

It may not be the type of send-off or farewell tribute many are used to seeing or would expect to see, but for these soldiers it was the only way to properly honor their fallen comrades. Every culture — and in fact every person — deals with loss and grief, and says goodbye in their own way.

This is so special, and anyone who has seen a haka before will understand what it going on. If not, watch the full video to truly appreciate the sentiment behind this.

Watch this special tribute as the soldiers say goodbye to the fallen in their own way.

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