Talk About a Rush! Man, Is This Powerful Aircraft Impressive

The F-35C Lightning II had never landed aboard an aircraft carrier before this video. During a two-week testing period at sea, one of America’s most amazing aircrafts successfully landed on the USS Nimitz. And, to say it simply: its power is something to behold.

According to David H. Buss, the commander of Naval Air Forces and Vice Adm.:

“What a historic day today is for Naval Aviation. With the first traps of the F-35C Lightning II aboard an aircraft carrier, we begin the integration of the next generation of warfighting capability into our carrier-based air wings. This important milestone is yet another indicator of Naval Aviation’s ongoing evolution to meet future threats and remain central to our future Navy and National Defense Strategy.”

The tests being run on the F-35C Lightning II serve as a way to check for any issues the Navy needs to fix, as it is planned to be deployed in 2018. I’m certainly no expert and I don’t know what data was collected…but it sure looks beautiful to me!

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