This New US Navy Drone is Straight Out of “Jaws”!

In Virginia Beach, Virginia, there are currently tests being done to see just what the U.S. Navy’s GhostSwimmer can do. The GhostSwimmer, which is to be used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, will hopefully be able to replace bottlenose dolphins and sea lions the Navy currently uses.

As you’ll see in the video, the GhostSwimmer is designed to not only look like a shark, but to swim like one too. But, the best part? The robot, at five-feet long and 100 lbs., is to become an unmanned underwater vehicle. If all goes well, no human will be hurt if the robot is destroyed, and no animal will be forced to take its place. This technology comes at a great time for the Navy, we are going to need as much intel as we can get to make the best decisions for our sailors!

Watch the GhostSwimmer go through tests!

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