Navy Surgeons Bring Critical And Transformative Healing to Latin America

Yes, our military’s main purpose is to prevent wars if possible and to fight them when necessary, but there is more to that mission as well.

This short video shows how our military can be a profound force for good in ways that do not often come to mind when we think of the military’s mission. It follows a Navy Surgeon who uses his surgical skills to aid a young boy in Latin America, changing his life for the better.

The practice of medicine has always been about healing. The oath that doctors take, that is, the Hippocratic Oath, is rooted in the ethical principle known as to principle of non-maleficence. Simply stated it is to “do no harm.” Ironically, war time medical realities have often advanced the medical profession’s ability to care for the ill and the injured. The skills that doctors learn today are scientifically and artistically far more advanced than at any time in history.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Navy
Navy Surgeons like LCDR Ortiz Pamoles help people around the world.

While I often write stories about the heroics of military medical doctors, nurses, Corpsmen and medics on the battlefield, it is a real pleasure to write a story like this where one of our military doctors is bringing the gift of better health to difficult cases of illness in civilian populations in countries that lack the advancements in medical care that we possess.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Navy
This young boy is receiving medical care from Navy surgeons.

This, too, is part of the mission of our military. All who have been in combat, who have survived the horrors of war, are the first to wish and to hope that there would be no more war, that their children would not have to know or experience such things. It is good to be made aware of the idea that part of the military’s mission of preventing war is carried out by providing things like what this Navy doctor is doing for people around the world.

Source: YouTube/U.S. Navy
Now he can see much better, all thanks to the U.S. Navy.

War, as history reveals, has always been with us. Given the world we live in, it is prudent to be prepared for it. But the deepest desire of every doctor, nurse, Corpsman and medic is to use their skills to save lives, or to make them better. This Navy doctor clearly shows that. You can see how thrilled he was to be able to help this boy have a little bit better life. You can also see the joy and the gratitude of the boy’s mother.

The Veterans Site sends a “well done” to this Navy doctor. We are thankful that we have such skilled and dedicated men and women serving in our military.

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