Navy Siblings Meet Again After 37 Years

Every so often, you hear about a story that is so weird, so out-of-the-ordinary, so beyond belief, you want to think they are fake.

This is NOT one of those stories.

After 37 years, a pair of long-separated siblings were finally reunited. And all it took was 20 minutes and a phone call.

As children, family dynamics separated a 14-year-old Cindy and her six-year-old brother Robert, and before long, they lost touch, going on to lead their own separate lives. As it turns out, their lives weren’t all that different after all.

Both sister and brother pursued careers in the Navy after stints in school. Cindy Murray serves as a nursing officer at the Balboa Park Hospital, while Robert Williamson arms aircraft only 300 miles away.

And for anyone still wondering, Robert rendered the proper salute to his sister. Right before the hug: (you may have to go to Youtube directly to watch the video).

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