Navy SEALs Drop Into Dodger Stadium, Literally

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to jump out of a plane and parachute yourself to safety? Have you ever wondered just how exhilarating that would be? Well, now you don’t have to imagine — just watch for yourself in the video below!

In this video, you’ll find Navy SEALs parachuting into Dodger Stadium. The best part? It was filmed by one of the SEALs — that’s right, first person point of view. Brace yourselves for the rush!

WARNING: Because this is a first person video, and the person filming it is dropping at a rapid rate of speed, there are some moments of extreme camera movement. In the event that you experience dizziness, or motion sickness, please stop watching the video.

The Navy SEALs are an elite force that known how to attack by sea, air, and land.

Watch them show off their air landing skills at this baseball pregame demonstration!

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