Navy SEAL Foundation Provides Vital Support For Veterans & Families Of Naval Special Warfare

The Naval Special Warfare community is composed of SEALS and Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC) who conduct strategic reconnaissance, hostage rescue, and many other specialized mission sets.

SEALS are on the front line and have executed some of the highest risk operations in history.

Just like any branch of the military, it can be very difficult for Navy SEALs to adjust back to civilian life after years in the service.

That’s where the Navy SEAL Foundation steps in.

Founded in 2000, the nonprofit organization provides vital support for veterans and families of Naval Special Warfare.

They also provide more than 30 programs for SEALs, SWCCs, veterans and their families, that are designed to build strength and resilience, encourage optimal health, enhance opportunities for growth through education, and solidify a sense of community and belonging. They are constantly making sure their veterans and their families are receiving the best care possible.

“We stand at the forefront of crucial care for this unique community,” the Navy SEAL Foundation wrote on their website. “We are there to help keep our warriors in the fight. We are there to help them transition to successful careers in the civilian sector. We are there to help their families every step of the way. And under the tragic circumstances that a member of NSW does not come home, we are there to assist as well.”

The CEO of the Navy SEAL Foundation joined TODAY to discuss their foundation and the 30 programs that address the needs of soldiers and their families.

Visit their website, and learn more in the video below:

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