Witness The Awesome Power Of The Navy’s Deadliest Warships

This video reveals the real power and threat that the U.S. Navy’s guided missile destroyers (DDGs) and cruisers (CGs) can bring to bear when necessary.

Though I was a Navy Corpsman, I never had a shipboard experience as I was a “green side” Corpsman with the Marines for most of my enlistment. When I pulled this video up out of curiosity, I thought it would be interesting, but I had no idea how intense and complex and powerful these warships really were. I think those of you who have no real experience with naval warship capabilities will be as stunned as I was when I watched this. On the other hand, those of you who have served on these ships will take great pride in this presentation.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
The US Navy has some of the most powerful ships in the world.

These ships are armed to the teeth with multiple variations of weapons systems from torpedoes, to the most sophisticated and powerful air defense and ship-to-ship weapons, as well as powerful guided missiles. They can take on multiple challenges at the same time with an intensity and efficiency that is, to be honest, mind-boggling. And the DDGs can do all of this at a top speed of 31 knots.

They are fast, powerful and deadly in more ways than one.

Source: US Navy
The Navy’s guided missile destroyers react with deadly force.

But that isn’t all. Their crews are trained warfighters too, both with small arms weapons and tactics and the most complex high tech systems. They can do ship boardings, or defend from the same. They have helicopter capabilities as well. Each frame of this video brings up yet another of the capabilities of these warships.

Source:Department of Defense
These warships are a feat of engineering.

It seems almost too much to take in, but those DDG and CG crews are trained to the highest levels in evey aspect of those ships multiple capabilities. The modern technologies involved are as complex and accurate as possible. Those young sailors in those crews are like Star Wars crews compared to back in my day. It is really quite impressive.

This video will keep your attention with its visuals and its text. You might want to watch it more than once to catch everything it presents about these mighty and dangerous U.S. Navy warships.

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