Get A Birds-Eye View From The Cockpit Of A F-18

I don’t know about you, but one of my bucket list wishes has always been to experience being launched off of and landing on an aircraft carrier. As with most bucket list ideas, the chances of that happening are as close to impossible as one can get. But this video at least give us the visuals and the sounds that would entail such and experience, if not the feel of it.

It would have been nice to have the camera facing forward during the take-off, but you sure get the picture of watching the flight deck get smaller in the background as it lifts off.

Source: YouTube/Gung Ho Vids
A Navy pilot prepares for takeoff.

You will also get a sense of the skill it takes to maneuver up to the refueling tanker nozzle at altitude and at flight speeds.

It is truly a delicate maneuver and not easy.

Source: YouTube/Gung Ho Vids
The pilot must reach the fuel boom at flight speed.

At the very least you will get an intimate insight into the impressive skills and abilities of our Navy and Marine Corps pilots who operate the most powerful and most far-reaching offensive and defensive weapons systems in the Navy’s vast arsenal.

Enjoy this brief flight as seen from the pilot’s perspective. See what a US Navy F-18 pilot sees and enjoy the ride.

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