Get A Look At The Navy’s First Operational Laser

This video gives us a first look at one ofthe U.S. Navy’s latest weapons systems. With this new on-board weapon, the U.S. Navy steps into the age of what was once thought to be only science fiction.

This is the first-generation laser system, now operational and deployed. The video shows the laser system and how effective it is bast as a defensive weapon and for close combat on the sea and in the air.

This weapon can take out targets quickly with its concentrated laser beam with absolute precision accuracy.

But here is the kicker — each “shot” of the laser costs less than a dollar, unlike the hundreds of thousands of dollars for traditional kinetic shells and missile systems. This is pretty impressive stuff, but that’s no surprise coming from the United States Armed Forces.

Watch the video below to get a look at the Navy’s first-generation laser system!

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