Watch Navy Divers Go Where Few Dare

There are many units that bear the title, “elite” in our U.S. military. This Navy unit is one of those elite outfits, and you will see why in the following short video.

This unit’s mission is multi-faceted. It has its military missions, of course, and these are many, but one of its most cherished missions is to go wherever their skills might be needed to help recover the remains of MIA veterans so that they can be identified and returned to their families.

You will see what kind of constant training and preparations they undergo on a regular basis. They train up to the point of exhaustion, because, like other such units, they will often be challenged to overcome their exhaustion in the effort to complete a mission.

Source: YouTube/Ramsay Wharton
U.S. Navy divers are part of an elite team.

It is the confidence they gain from these exercises that makes their trained abilities that much more effective.

Source: YouTube/Ramsay Wharton
Navy Divers bring spirit and dedication to their job.

As you will see, this unit also has opened its doors to women. You will meet one tough 5-foot, 120-pound woman who is up for the tasks that come to hand in the nature of the business of Navy diving. The challenges are many, and those who do them are few.

Source: YouTube/Ramsay Wharton
These divers are the best in the world.

This is why they are an elite unit.

We can take pride in knowing that there are men and women willing and able to take on this difficult and important military mission with dedication.

We honor and thank all the U.S. Navy men and women who serve as elite Navy divers. We respect what you do on behalf of all of us. We wish you success in all of your missions, military and in support of civilian needs.

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