This Is Why Marines and Their Corpsman Will Go Though Anything To Protect Each Other

There is no relationship, no working partnership, like that between Marines and their Corpsmen. It is a partnership forged in both war and peace.

The Corpsmen are Navy personnel, and are the most extensively trained field medical personnel in the military. When a Corpsman is transferred to the Fleet Marine Force, he or she is trained into the culture of the Marine Corps and gains further, battlefield medical training before being assigned to a Marine unit. They become Marines by adoption, so to speak. They are called “Doc” by their Marine brothers and sisters.

Source: YouTube/REGCOMTEAM7
Source: YouTube/REGCOMTEAM7
Staff Sgt. Joseph Wright, Platoon Sgt., 2nd Platoon, K Co., 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, from Standish, Maine, understands well the value of Corpsmen to Marines.

When in battle it is a truism that a Corpsmen will go through hell to save his wounded Marines. But that is backed by another truth: A Marine will go through hell to protect their “Doc.”

Source: Wikimedia Commons Navy Corpsman in a field training exercise.
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Navy Corpsman in a field training exercise.

This video will give you a sense of all of this from the perspective of a Marine. Enjoy!

The Veterans Site offers a profound OooRah to all FMF Corpsmen and the Marines they serve with every day.

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