These Two Navy Baseball Players Decide To Hilariously Take On A “Frozen” Song

If the thought of hearing another song from the movie Frozen makes you want to roll your eyes, then we are right there with you. But sometimes it just takes the perfect people to take something everyone is sick of hearing, and turn it back into something people actually enjoy.

Thanks to these two Navy baseball players, we have one of the most romantic duets on all of the internet. That may be a bit of a stretch, but they do make the song look great between the two of them. Plus, they have good chemistry together.

Imagine driving past or stopping next to these two at a stop light? It would probably make anyone’s day by just seeing them singing along to a children’s movie song.

The song “Love is an Open Door” is really the perfect choice for these two teammates, and it really does look like they are enjoying themselves.

Check out the video below and enjoy!

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