Navy Airdale: One of The Most Dangerous Jobs in The World

This is a very well done video of what it is like to be an “airdale” on a modern United States Navy aircraft carrier. It is truly one very complex and very dangerous place to make a living.

You will get an up-close-and-personal view of the various jobs and responsibilities that the flight deck crews look after on a daily basis at sea and in combat zones.

Source: YouTube/PBS

The action is constant and the kinds of things that can go very wrong are all around you. You have to be constantly alert and focused on your particular duties and know where planes are at all times. There is very little to no margin for error in any of these jobs.

Source: YouTube/PBS

As you watch, you will experience a growing appreciation and respect for the young men and women who work in the very busy and dangerous environment of a carrier flight deck in the middle of launching and receiving aircraft. What they do and how they do it makes all the difference in the success of operations.

Source: YouTube/PBS

For those of us who have never been there, it is mind-boggling how much goes on up there on the flight deck during launch and recovery operations. There is so much happening, all at the same time. Yet it is all done with the coordination of a well-practiced and professional team. It really is quite impressive.

Enjoy this video.

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