National Guard Called Up In Three States To Help With Coronavirus Outbreak

The National Guard’s functions are many and varied. One of the things that they do is to help out in times of local, state, or national crises. As a nation, we are in a crisis of unprecedented proportions with the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Indeed, the whole world is engaged in a fight to overcome this event.

The National Guard has now joined the fight along with the front line “troops” of our doctors, nurses, nurses aides and other medical personnel in a monumental effort to defeat the swiftly growing virus here in this country. The National Guard will provide lots of very skilled services in this effort including: keeping supplies going, building facilities to help care for patients, as well as providing some of their own medical people to help out directly in the medical care efforts.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 10 News

We must keep all of these people, and all of those National Guard troops who have been called up at this time, in our thoughts. We can be assured that they are ready for this. They have had experience in national disasters before. Though this one is new, like all of our military the National Guard is adaptable to all circumstances and will be a great addition to the fight.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 10 News

This video also mentions the two U.S. Navy Hospital ships that are being deployed, one to the East Coast and one to the West Coast to help with the overflow medical needs that arise in the areas that they will be stationed.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 10 News

The Veterans Site honors all who are on the front lines in the fight against this pandemic. We must all keep them in our prayers. Just as importantly, we must all, young and old, responsibly cooperate with the social distancing and other efforts, like “shelter-in-place” orders. In doing so, we too are actively engaged in the effort to “flatten the curve” of the growth of this pandemic.

We are all in this together.

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