Remembering Those Who Fought In Korean War: A Tribute

This tribute to the Korean War Veterans opens with photos of the Korean War Monument on the Mall in Washington, D.C.

These men, like those before them, fought with great valor and pride.

Here’s to all the sacrifices they made and the path they’ve paved to represent our country as strong individuals.

Watch these powerful images during the Korean War and the moment over 65 years ago, when North Korea launched an unprovoked attack in South Korea.

Over 1.8 million brave US veterans came to the defense of South Korea.

Theirs is mostly a forgotten war, a war that was not ended decisively. They came home to an America in the throes of prosperity.

They simply came back and went to work building the nation.

We must not forget their courage, their sacrifices, or their contributions to history. We are proud of you all and are proud to be American!

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