Innovative Program Is Using Music As Therapy For Veterans

“Voices of Valor” is an amazing program which helps war veterans deal with their wartime experiences and post-war reintegration into civil society through music.

Veterans are coming back home from war and finding it difficult to find their place in civilian life after years in the military. They can feel out of place or don’t know what to do. Other veterans are feeling disconnected, depressed, or even lost. Still more veterans are dealing with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder — a new battle for them to face back here at home.

By using music, specifically having veterans write their own music together — from the lyrics to the style to the actual performance/recording — it allows veterans to process what they have been through and how they are feeling without the traditional therapy style of sitting down with a doctor or counselor and just talking about what they’ve been through.

It’s basically therapy without the therapy, and veterans in the program are finding great success in this unique approach.

Watch and learn more about this innovative musical therapy for veterans in the video below!

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