POLL: Which of These Two Military Mothers Received the Best Surprise?

There's a trend that has emerged. Maybe you've heard of it — a homecoming surprise. Okay, okay, like us, you've probably watched every homecoming surprise you could get your hands on (and more than once). But think about who's usually on the receiving end of that surprise. Go ahead, think about it…

MOMs, right?

While their children are away, risking their lives, mothers are put through hell — a constant battle between hope and worry. It only seems fitting that they get to have tons of fun immediately upon their child's return.

So, to celebrate our service members and their loving mothers, we're bringing you two different homecoming surprises, “Soldier Shocks Mom with Surprise Homecoming,” and, “Soldier Comes Home From Iraq, Surprises Mom at Restaurant“.

Watch them both, and please go ahead and vote for your favorite below, after the videos. Enjoy!

In Video #1: Soldier Shocks Mom with Homecoming Surprise

You know how there are those rare occasions when a lie is acceptable? Yeah, this qualifies.

A deployed Austin told his mother that he’d be coming home late. He told her that his deployment had been extended into the month of August. His grandmother apparently had no idea either! When Austin walks around the house and into his New Jersey home’s front yard, there his grandma is. Startled, sure, but not enough to stop her from getting in on the surprise!

Check out the video!

In Video #2: Soldier Comes Home From Iraq, Surprises Mom at Restaurant

A mother and her children have arrived at the restaurant. They’ve been seated outside. The server has delivered their complimentary chips, and is currently dropping off their drinks.

There’s just one person missing, and not for long…

Now that you've seen both videos, what do you think? Do you like the elaborate planning that went into Video #1? Or do you prefer the public reaction of the mother in Video #2?

Let us know by voting below!

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