All Military Moms and Mothers-to-be Deserve Something Like This! Check Out This Star-Spangled Baby Shower

Being a military wife is tough. Being a military wife and mother-to-be is even tougher. Operation Homefront, a nonprofit that provides financial assistance to military families, knows this.

Recently, in Springfield, Virginia and Fayetteville, North Carolina, Operation Homefront organized two mass baby showers, which they called “Star Spangled Babies.” They hosted 50 military moms and mothers-to-be at each location. They did this because many military moms and moms-to-be are not able to have a baby shower, often due to the fact that they’re far from their homes and families, and they do not have the money to take a trip back.

The brave women received a plethora of gifts for both baby and themselves and, more importantly, were able to connect with fellow military wives and mothers—people who could become friends and form support networks together.

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