Women In The Military Today

There is a lot that is different and the same in today’s military compared to years ago. The technologies, the skill sets, and the weaponry have all advanced in many ways. But as always, the military must be prepared to operate within the changing realities of war fighting in the range of environments that exist around the world.

One of the most fundamental changes the modern military has entered into is that women are now eligible to serve in every element, every skill and specialty. This video will introduce you to a handful of women who have served and who are veterans of the various military services. You will meet them and hear their stories of service and their pride in being able to wear that title of “veteran.”

Photo: YouTube/GotYour Six

As you will see, each of these women served in combat in a variety of different capacities. When you listen to their stories, they will be familiar to the stories and experiences and reactions that are common to male veterans. But you will also hear some of the unique experiences and reactions that these women have had being female veterans.

Photo: YouTube/GotYour Six

That is the central message of this story, I think. There is a paradox. There is no difference and yet so much difference between men and women. Despite the difference in their experiences, they are no different in the desire to serve, to sacrifice, and to defend the rights that are enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. It is clear that women are proving themselves in battlefield situations. In the last two decades of war fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, women have fought alongside their male counterparts, they have been awarded Purple Hearts, Bronze Stars, and Silver Stars for their heroic actions on the battlefield.

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The women you will meet in this video are veterans. They have been there and done that, as the cliche goes. They have earned their stripes. Some of them bear the physical wounds of war. All bear in them the memories of their service. All have experienced the camaraderie that comes with having worn the uniforms of the various military services. All bring skills of mind and body to their post-service lives, just as their male counterparts, but they still meet obstacles, as women, in being recognized for their veteran experience. You will hear about those obstacles here.

Photo: YouTube/GotYour Six

But these women are veterans. They have a toughness in them. Each one of them will make you proud.

Enjoy this video and listen closely to each each woman’s story. They, just like their veteran brothers, are among the best of us, and they bring their combat, service, and skills to their lives after service, making us all better. Honor and respect to them all!

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