Soldier Surprises His Family With An Early Homecoming

Life can be difficult when you are in the military, especially if you are far away from your family for months at a time. For those individuals, there is nothing quite as sweet as coming home.

This fact is clearly seen when Sgt. Kirby Karnes came home to surprise his children. He was able to come home a month early, after being deployed for 311 days. He and his wife wanted to surprise the kids, and they were able to do so, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The homecoming took place outside of English Landing Elementary school. He hadn’t seen his family for almost a year, but he couldn’t help but wait a few moments hiding behind a pillar to give his kids a special surprise.

Photo: Youtube / Katie Karnes

He liked being able to facetime with the kids but said it just wasn’t the same as being able to hug them and read them stories before putting them to bed.

Kaden, his fourth-grade son, and Kipton, who is in kindergarten, were looking forward to seeing their dad since he was deployed to Poland over 300 days ago. The father was so touched by the surprise that he wasn’t even sure if he could get the words out without crying!

Kaden has been looking forward to his father’s arrival and he watches videos of soldiers coming home regularly. When the father would videoconference with his wife and children, he said they seemed happy but could tell there was an underlying sadness.

The school joined forces with Karnes to get creative, even though they were under restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kaden said that it had been a long time and he was so happy to have his dad home. according to WWLP.

Karnes had something else in store for his family aside from the surprise for the kids. He showed up as a surprise to his wife and two-year-old as well! His wife was shocked and excited because he had chocolates and flowers.

The family has plenty of plans now that the dad is home, and the kids are already looking forward to jumping on the trampoline and spending some playtime with both of their parents.

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