Alert: Veteran’s PTSD Dog Missing Or Stolen As Winter Freeze Hits

A military veteran and his wife in Saginaw, Michigan, are desperately searching for their 9-month-old Doberman Pinscher, Anna. The dog, who went missing a couple days ago from their backyard, is a comfort dog to Gerald Psycher Jr., who has PTSD.

Anna helps Gerald cope with the symptoms of his post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, like so many other veterans who have found comfort in a therapy or service animal.

That source of comfort and help has turned into the object of worry, however, as the dog is believed to be stolen. Whether lost or stolen, Gerald and his wife, Meaghan, are worried about Anna being outside in below-freezing temperatures or possibly being hurt by a stranger.

“I don’t wanna break down and start crying, but it’s about where I’m at. I mean, I don’t wanna see her misused in any way,” Gerald told WNEM.

Photo: WNEM screenshot -- Anna, a veteran's PTSD comfort dog, is missing in Michigan.
Photo: WNEM screenshot — Anna, a veteran’s PTSD comfort dog, is missing in Michigan.

Gerald served in the U.S. Army for 4 years and then the National Guard for another 6 years. He is one of many veterans who suffers from PTSD. Lately, he has had Anna at his side to help with the symptoms and keep him calm.

“She’s my calmer. I have PTSD so when I’m worked up she comes and lays her head on my chest and she just knows,” he told WNEM.

Gerald added, “I’m sad and I’m really angry because I just think someone took her.”

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Photo: WNEM screenshot -- Gerald Psycher Jr. is hoping his comfort dog, Anna, is found or returned safely and soon.
Photo: WNEM screenshot — Gerald Psycher Jr. is hoping his comfort dog, Anna, is found or returned safely and soon.

Gerald told the local media that he went to the store a couple days ago, and when he got back, he noticed that Anna was missing. The Psychers have a tall privacy fence around their yard with a heavy-duty gate, making it unlikely that Anna could have escaped on her own.

“Just don’t hurt her. She’s a big baby. Take her into the vet if you found her. I just want her back,” Gerald said.

Anna is a black/brown Doberman Pinscher and is micro-chipped. She was last seen in Saginaw, Michigan, on State Street between N. Carolina and N. Charles. If anyone finds her or has her, please take her to a local veterinarian or shelter immediately!

Watch the video for more information!


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