Milwaukee Is Building A Tiny Home Village For Veterans

In Milwaukee, there is a 7-acre plot of land that will soon be turned into a tiny home village for veterans who are without a home or are at risk of being homeless.

The zoning authorization was signed on Monday by Mayor Tom Bartett to honor Veterans Day.

The project was led by Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, who say they are a “homeless recovery program.” They say that the village is an initiative to help those veterans who are struggling to get back on track again.

The land, located at 6767 N. 60th St. will become the new location for 42 homes, each of which is approximately 240 ft.². A 10,000 square-foot community center is also planned, with restrooms, kitchen, washer and dryers, pool tables and enough room to socialize.

Photo: Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

“We wanted to really provide them with a key to their own home. However, the real recovery doesn’t begin without human connection,” Fiona Murphy, director of development at Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, told ABC News on Tuesday.

The community center will provide veterans an opportunity to “leave their home on their time and seek out a group setting and then return to privacy and independence when they want,” Murphy said.

Various community groups have funded the nonprofit and are already finished constructing another village of tiny homes in Racine, Wisconsin.

Photo: Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

15 tiny homes of about 120 ft.² each is located in Racine. Nine veterans have already been successfully graduated since the homes became available in November 2017, according to Murphy.

The number of factors determines when someone is able to successfully graduate. It includes a healthy bank account, repaired credit scores, wellness habits, and jobs, Murphy said.

“It’s not enough with just the little house. It’s everything that happens around and after that is the true recovery,” she said.

The new village of tiny homes should be open in July 2020 in Wisconsin.

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