Soccer Player Turns To Center Field & Is Overcome With Emotion To See Her Army Dad There

Army Major George Miller has been away on deployment in the Middle East for the past year.

A year away from home has been hard not only on Miller, but on his daughter, Bella.

The two of them share a special bond, so Miller knew that when it was time for him to return home from deployment, he wanted to surprise Bella in a special way.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

He decided to surprise her at her soccer game at Cornerstone Christian.

During the National Anthem, Miller snuck out onto the field. They then called Bella’s name on the PA system and told her to make her way to center field.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

Confused, Bella began walking to the middle of the field as the crowd cheered her on. She turned to look at the Jumbotron, which read “Welcome Home George!” and she quickly realized what was happening.

She turned back to center field and saw her beloved dad waiting for her. She ran to him and jumped up into his arms as they shared a warm embrace.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

She was so happy to have her father back home, and not only was it a heartwarming reunion, but it was a great game as well.

Bella went on to score the first goal of the game in a 6-3 win, and the best part was that her dad was there to witness it!

Watching the touching surprise reunion in the video below:

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