See How Our Military Is Helping Volcano Victims in Hawaii and Guatemala

We all know that the military’s primary purpose is to train for and to fight wars. But many of the skills that are learned can also be put to use to help people around the world who are being affected by natural disasters of one kind or another.

There are two short videos here that demonstrate this very effectively.

In the first video you will see that the Army has been called upon to help in Hawaii as a result of the ongoing eruptions of the Kilauea Volcano. The size and scope of the destruction there, and the unpredictability of the volcanic events that are taking place, there was a need to call on the Army to help evacuate people and then to patrol the evacuated areas and to defend them from looting.

Source: YouTube/US Military Videos
Sgt. Michael Martinez is a Big Island resident serving in the Hawaii Army National Guard with the 227th Brigade Engineer Battalion.

The Army units are Hawaiian units and many of those in those units have families that are being directly affected by the on-going crisis. This video will show you what they are doing in this effort.

The second video is about Marines from the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force who have been called upon at this time to help the people of the Central American nation of Guatemala. Again, the problem is the devastation caused by a massive volcanic eruption in that nation. Guatemala is an economically poor nation and does not have the resources that we have here in the United States.

The Marines have gone there to help relocate the thousands of people who have been directly affected by the eruptions, and to help rebuild some of the lost infrastructure in the area around the volcano.

Source: YouTube/Marines
Sgt. Thomas Hull is serving with a Marine detachment in Guatemala, helping those displaced by the Volcán de Fuego.

These Marines are working side by side with Guatemalan Army engineers to build housing for the tens of thousands of people that have been made homeless by the biggest volcanic event in modern history in that country. They were called upon to do this work, and though they did not necessarily possess the requisite skills for this particular kind of work, like all Marines, they have been trained to adapt.

They did their studies and are learning as they go. But the most important thing is that they are truly helping people in need.

Source: YouTube/Marines
Marines with the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force – Southern Command work with the Guatemalan Army Corps of Engineers in Escuintla, Guatemala to build hundreds of shelters for Volcán de Fuego victims.

Both the Army in Hawaii and the Marines in Guatemala are showing that service to the nation by our military can come in many forms. They are making a difference in a way not usually expected. All involved in both the Army and the Marine Corps units are proud to be taking part in these efforts, and it shows as you listen to them describe their experiences in these videos.

The Veterans Site thanks all of these Army and Marine Corps service members for their service to those who are in immediate need. The Army units in Hawaii are making that situation a little safer for all who are being affected.

The Marines currently in Guatemala are helping to give those who have lost their homes to the volcanic eruptions by building them new, fully functioning, plumbed and wired communities and homes. Both military units are making a real and positive difference for those they are serving.

We say to them: Hooah! and OoRah!

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