Military Son Sends Message To His Dad’s 70th Birthday Party…And A Surprise!

When you reach a milestone birthday, especially as you get older, your family members and friends usually want to throw you a surprise party. Whether it is your 30th, 40th, 50th, etc., you’re gonna get a birthday party celebrating the passage of a decade of your life.

In this video, lots of people are gathered to celebrate this father’s 70th birthday. They surprise him with the usual birthday flair; a cake, some balloons and someone dressed as a birthday gorilla.

The dad is clearly happy and surprised. While enjoying his surprise party, this father received a beautiful message from his son, who is in the military. His son says he wishes he could be there for his father’s 70th birthday and sends him some birthday wishes.

What happens after the video plays…well, let’s just say this is one surprise this birthday boy did not see coming.

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