Soldier Dads Have Never Met Their Newborn Kids, So Moms Go On TV.

Two new military moms went on television to give a “Salute the Troops” to their husbands who were serving overseas. Both of the men were deployed to Afghanistan, and during their time away their wives had each given birth to children. But since they were on deployment, the military dads had yet to meet their newborn children.

It’s hard to imagine the kind of sacrifice it would be — or how it would feel — to miss the birth of one’s own child in the name of service to one’s country. But these soldiers were ready and willing to serve in the name of freedom, and they were ready to make any sacrifice necessary. Still, the distance between them and their wives and knowing that they had newborn children they had never held in their own arms must have been a heavy burden to bare.

After their tearful salutes on television, the two unsuspecting wives soon realized that they weren’t on the show just to show their support… they were there for something much more special than that!

This is one of the most emotional and amazing surprises ever! Watch all the way to the end — no spoilers!

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