Preparedness Helps Overcome Life’s Challenges, Both On and Off the Battlefield

Every life has its share of “enemies,” both internal and external. There are those internal enemies of doubt, negativity, and fears of all kinds. Then there are those external and real enemies who take up arms against us who want to destroy the things we all hold sacred: our freedoms, our way of life, even our very lives.

This video answers those questions. It is how we see the world and ourselves in that world that matters most. When we are confronted with great challenges we must have the physical training, the necessary skills and equipment to address those challenges effectively and successfully. But, even more importantly, we need to prepare our minds, our attitudes about ourselves and that which we are called upon to defend: the nation, our collective values, and our freedoms.

It gives us an inspirational look at what it takes to prepare ourselves to confront the challenges of life. It proposes the attitudes we need to have when on the battlefield fighting a determined enemy, and in our own struggles against the things that challenge us in our daily lives.

Listen and enjoy. It is a profoundly important and powerful message.

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