The True Story Behind Some Of The Military’s Most Illustrious Medals

With only 1% of the nation’s population serving in the military at this time, most people may only have a vague idea of the medals that are given to military personnel for acts of valor on the battlefield, or for distinguished service and courageous acts off of the field of battle. This video gives a good clear idea of each of those medals and their history.

The highest medal awarded for valor beyond the call of duty is, of course, the Medal of Honor. The heroic actions that are awarded the Medal of Honor are so uncommonly valorous, they stand on a level of selfless courage that is rarely matched.

You will get a sense of the magnitude of this award as you watch and listen to this video.

Over time, other medals recognizing courage on the battlefield have been designed and developed to recognize many other levels of heroism both in combat and for courageous acts off of the field of battle.

Source: YouTube/Reading Through History
The Medal of Honor is awarded for heroic actions above and beyond the call of duty.

The second highest level of award are the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for Army personnel, the Navy Cross for Navy and Marine Corps personnel and the Air Force Cross, which was initiated in 1960.

The third highest level is the Silver Star, which can be awarded to military members from all of the services. The Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) is awarded to any service member whose actions were undertaken while flying in any form of aerial platforms.

Source: YouTube/Reading Through History
The Bonze Star is awarded for heroism and meritorious service..

The Bronze Star, initiated in 1934, is the fourth highest level of valor award.

The Valor or “V” device is attached to the Silver Star, The DFC and the Bronze Star, when those awards are for valor in combat. Some of those medals can be awarded for valor actions undertaken in non-combat situations. These latter awards would not, then, have the “V” device attached.

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