Military Working Dogs Honored With A 2020 Sculpture

It is always amazing to see a dog at work. It doesn’t matter if they are hunting, herding, or helping, they put their entire heart and soul into it.

One of the ways in which this is often seen is in the case of a military working dog. They seem to have no fear as they do their job without complaining, day after day.

This was seen by Susan Norris, who is a sculptor that knows how to put together her thoughts in a project that can be appreciated by many others.

Photo: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

The project she undertook that was revealed in 2016 involved dogs that worked on the battlefield and it was entitled My Hero, My Friend. She shared photos of the work on her Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

The life-size statue is wearing a purple heart and is meant to represent the mourning a military dog goes through when they lose a companion.

Photo: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

According to Military Times, Noris had the following to say in a press release: “I’ve always had an affection for animals, but the bond between a military dog and its partner is on a whole other level.”

Photo: Facebook/Susan Norris Artworks LLC

Many people have been moved after seeing the sculpture, which is meant to honor all military service dogs that show so much bravery on the battlefield.

It was designed to be included in the Dallas-Fort Worth area at the Veterans Memorial Park in Trophy Club.

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