Listen To This Patriotic Medley Of The Military Anthems. The Finale Is Awesome!

What happens when you take the classic military anthems and put them through the folksy tones of an acoustic guitar?

Jim Deeming has the answer and, boy, is it catchy. He blends together each anthem, from “Semper Paratus” to the “Marine Corps Hymn” (even taking the time to replicate familiar snare drums), before finishing with an awesome finale.

The performance is amazing and it is really cool to see Deeming go from one song to another in a seamless transition. This inspiring medley will have you tapping your toes and humming your heart out for hours.

Listen to it here and stick through till the end; it’s totally worth it!

If you like the style of Jim Deeming, he has other videos on Youtube of him performing other classic guitar songs. Give them a listen when you get the chance.

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