Bombs Inadvertently Dropped Over Michigan by National Guard

The alarm horns were eerily silent when a volley of bombs dropped down on Michigan on October 25th. Of course, the bombs weren’t meant to be dropped in the first place–they were inadvertently dropped during a military exercise. So residents of the state’s upper peninsula need not prepare for global warfare.

According to 9 & 10 News, mechanical failure–not human error–caused the A-10 Thunderbolt to accidentally release six training bombs and a missile over the otherwise cozy hamlet of Luzerne.

“The phase of the flight they were in was prior to arriving to the range, so the operating procedure for that would be to have all weapon systems saved-up, so there wouldn’t even be any switches, as it were, that were hot at that point,” Lt. Col. Matthew Trumble, Director of the Camp Grayling Air Gunnery Range told 9 & 10 News. “That’s why we suspect it was most likely mechanical fault.”

The training weapons were being transported in an A-10 Thunderbolt.
The training weapons were being transported in an A-10 Thunderbolt.

No one was injured by the bombs, which landed in Oscoda County in the northern part of the state’s lower peninsula. Click on Detroit reported that the weapons were being transported to Camp Grayling from Selfridge Air National Guard Base in suburban Detroit when they were dropped.

“If I had to hazard to guess, I’d say probably problems with commercial airlines would be much more frequent then what you would see with a situation like this where all of those training ordinances came off of that A-10,” Trumble said. “So It’s pretty darn rare. In the 20 years I’ve been doing this, I haven’t seen a case like that.”

According to the Michigan National Guard, all six bombs and the missile were retrieved from a forest near Luzerne, Michigan.

Injury or not, the incident reinforces the importance of safety in all military procedures, no matter how deep within the hinterlands of the Great Lakes State they may be. The Veterans Site would also like to acknowledge and garner support for the safety and security of our country’s military veterans, millions who are homeless and suffering. Follow the button below to send the United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs a message about restoring our veterans’ dignity, and make your voice heard!

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