If You Were Looking For a Smile, You’ve Come to the Right Place! Watch As These Grown Men Hilariously Confront Their Fear of Kittens!

Let’s think of some things that usually don’t go well together: Oil and Water, Sand and Electronics, Batman and The Joker, Peanut Butter and Turnips, Big Bucks and Whammies (that last one is a reference to the ’80s game show Press Your Luck).

What about grown men and little kittens!? Well, the men in the video you’re about watch WERE not too fond of spending time with the kittens. I mean, guys like dogs who run and jump all over the place; dogs that have the need to hunt in their veins and protect those who may be in danger at all cost.

So you might think that this pairing belongs on our list too.

However, after spending time at a feral cat rescue, it turns out that these strong, manly men and little, cute, sweet kittens go together as well as…well, watch the comical transformation take place!

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