Sgt. First Class Leroy Petry Receives Medal of Honor

President Obama presents the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor, to Army Ranger Sergeant First Class Leroy Petry in a ceremony at the White House in 2011.

Sgt. Petry is only the second service member since the Vietnam conflict to accept the award in person.

Leroy’s unit fell under heavy fire in Afghanistan as it raided a compound where a top al-Qaeda leader was hiding.

Shot in both legs, Leroy still managed to pull another soldier to safety. As a live grenade rolled toward them, Leroy did the unthinkable: instead of taking cover as he’d been trained, the seriously wounded Ranger lunged forward and picked up the grenade.

Watch President Obama tell the rest of Leroy’s heroic story and award the well-deserved medal.

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